The BCU-NEV has an attached current shunt that allows it to monitor total battery current and make State of Charge estimations. Note that it is not possible to tell the state of charge of a LiFePO4 battery from the terminal voltage.


  • Remote mount Monitor display for easy to read battery information at a glance.
  • Low power consumption (<15mA) even when discharge contactor is on.
  • Monitors overall battery voltage minimum and maximum.
  • Monitors the battery management system (BMS) loop.
  • 240A (3 x 80A) contactor isolates the batteries from the load and each other if there is a problem.
  • 12V (4C), 24V (8C), 36V (12C) and 48V (16C) versions available.
  • Can control up to three EV PowerPak strings in parallel.
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured.

Note: Our BCUs employ an internal latching relay/contactor. As such they have very low internal resistance compared to Mosfet BMS’s. They can tolerate very high transient currents. This means that they always isolate current flow in both directions when off.