EV POWER is joining our local school students on Friday 21st May for the NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL CLIMATE STRIKE.
We hope to send a message to the Federal Government on their LAMENTABLE lack of support for renewable energy.

The Australian Government has recently:
1) Committed to funding a Fossil Fuel power station, in direct competition with private industries that favour renewables.
2) Committed to providing $ 2 Billion (yes folks $2,000,000,000) of tax payers money to a Fossil Fuel Refinery.
3) Backed a project to build a Fossil Fuel gas pipeline across Australia.

We work in the Renewable Energy Industry. We employ people and try to make stuff here in Australia. These people in power
are supposed to serve us, instead we have become pawns in their ideological game. So we are taking some time out to protest.

Its about our kids and our grandkids futures, and as you might have guessed I’m angry about it…

Build a bloody power line across Australia and send renewable energy both ways through it, not a gas pipe that pushes gas one way and  more and more CO2 into the atmosphere.