EV Power Project – NCM Battery Pack 700VDC 150AH (100kWhr usable)

We design and manufacture batteries. This is one of our projects.
In collaboration with Electric Drive Engineering Rod and the team designed and
fabricated this prototype liquid cooled battery for a commercial client.

Electric Vs Hydrogen Fuel Cell – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We often see in the press that hydrogen will overtake batteries for transport.
This picture sums it up quite nicely…

Electric Marine Drive Project

Finally! After years of on/off development we got our electric boat in the water. Electric Marine Drive in a runabout boat. To be continued…

A Word About Bottom Balancing

We sometimes have customers asking about a BMS or charger that can do “bottom balancing”.
This is my standard response:

There is no such thing as bottom balancing, at least if you want your cells to survive.

That is a terrible piece of disinformation put forward years back by Jack Rickard and promulgated by social media commentators as
some kind of conspiracy by BMS manufacturers (with possible shady links to the USA government) to defraud the people.
Jack had several battery fires in his time, caused by his own ignorance.
We sell chargers for 1S,4S, 8S and 12S LFP cell packs but you need a BMS to balance the cells.
This usually happens near the top of charge although some systems can balance throughout the cell cycle.
Thanks, Rod

Recent Caravan Conversions to Lithium

Test Driving Nicks E-Minor

Nicks electric Morris Minor uses a ME1616 electric Motor Kit originally purchased from EV Power but now available from Electric Drive Engineering. It also employs the EV Power Batmon BMS for its Lithium Ion battery pack.



EV POWER is joining our local school students on Friday 21st May for the NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL CLIMATE STRIKE.
We hope to send a message to the Federal Government on their LAMENTABLE lack of support for renewable energy.

The Australian Government has recently:
1) Committed to funding a Fossil Fuel power station, in direct competition with private industries that favour renewables.
2) Committed to providing $ 2 Billion (yes folks $2,000,000,000) of tax payers money to a Fossil Fuel Refinery.
3) Backed a project to build a Fossil Fuel gas pipeline across Australia.

We work in the Renewable Energy Industry. We employ people and try to make stuff here in Australia. These people in power
are supposed to serve us, instead we have become pawns in their ideological game. So we are taking some time out to protest.

Its about our kids and our grandkids futures, and as you might have guessed I’m angry about it…

Build a bloody power line across Australia and send renewable energy both ways through it, not a gas pipe that pushes gas one way and  more and more CO2 into the atmosphere.

Bushtracker Caravan conversion to Lithium Batteries.

We just did a Bushtracker Caravan install of 600Ah of Lithium replacing 480Ah of Lead. Half the weight and double the usable capacity.
EV Power is a MTA licensed vehicle repairer for electrics. MRB9371.