Bushtracker Caravan conversion to Lithium Batteries.

We just did a Bushtracker Caravan install of 600Ah of Lithium replacing 480Ah of Lead. Half the weight and double the usable capacity.
EV Power is a MTA licensed vehicle repairer for electrics. MRB9371.


Customer install of a ME1616 kit

Note: All electric drive components are now sold by Electric Drive Engineering.


EV PowerPaks in daily use

Its been ages since we posted any news but be assured we have been busy.
Here is an example of a customer install of one of our 200AH EV PowerPaks.

Electric Outboard Conversion

Here are some pictures from one of our EV PowerDrive Kit clients. He is doing a very professional job on converting a deceased outboard motor to electric.


Custom 80V EV PowerBanks

We recently completed design and manufacture of these 80V 100Ah (8kWhr) PowerBank batteries for a Geotech company.

Client Bus Conversion

This is an example of our EV PowerPaks in use in a bus converted to a house on wheels. Pretty deluxe too!

Its Nice when Others do Promotion for EV Power

This company started out life as our namesake in the EU. There is NO connection with EV Power Australia. They have just discovered the benefits of GBS batteries. Interesting to note that EV Power Australia has been selling GBS batteries already for nearly 10 years! We think they are great too, in fact we have BMS modules specific to these batteries.

310,000km and Counting in a Home Made EV.

This must be some kind of record, currently 310,000km in a home built EV, and he used the simple EV Power BMS.


Kimberley Karavan Conversion to Lithium

This is a recent job that we did for a client converting a Kimberley Karavan from ~120kg of lead to 28kg of Lithium. This time we used two of the EVH12V120AH batteries connected in parallel for 12V 240Ah, ~3kWhrs of storage. A very neat fit in the KK box!

Note that we used dual 100A circuit breakers to connect the two batteries to the 12V system. The advantage of this is that it is easy to isolate the batteries from the van and from each other when the van is being stored. We do not recommend continuous charging during storage. That was fine for lead batteries, not for Lithium.